Since 1985

At Kathy Jeanne Millinery, we take pride in manufacturing hats and head-wear the old fashioned way. Handcrafted in our Fairfield, New Jersey factory, we continue to use wood blocks and presses that are over a century old to create our classic hat shapes topped with hand stitched trims. Vintage inspired shapes and an emphasis on handmade quality, Kathy Jeanne Millinery pays homage to the beauty of early millinery manufacturing while staying current with trendsetting design by company president and head designer, Jeanne Marie Gerish.

Hand-blocked and sewn, a Kathy Jeanne hat represents your individuality, confidence and mindfulness. Transcending the superficial use of “trends” and mindless mass production KJ highlights the importance of personal style. Using our knowledge of traditional millinery techniques we create fashion forward pieces for today’s modern woman.